I first made a trip down to Plain Vanilla at Holland Village a couple of days before my birthday. They caught my attention on Twitter because I’ve seen a couple of tweeps talking about their cupcakes. I don’t particularly fancy cupcakes, because I think they’re mostly all looks and mediocre taste, with many being cloyingly sweet with a crappy cake base. Perhaps it’s because most people just focus on the icing and how to make them look appealing that they forget the importance of a good cake base.

After all, what good is a cupcake that looks wonderful on photos but tastes horrid?

When I first went to their lil outlet, they’d sold out of cinnamon brown sugar, the only flavour I reaaally wanted to try because well, it’s two things I love!

Disappointed, but the boyfriend bought me a box of six other flavours anyway. They were lovely, with a couple I didn’t care for. The icing was just the type I like – the slightly hard kind, not the overly creamy sort. The cake bases were moist, but could be better. I suppose that also had something to do with me carrying them out in the hot sun for a few hours, before being in the fridge for about an hour before I tried them.

Fast forward a few days, Tam messages me to ask about cupcakes, because she wanted to order some for her friend’s birthday party. I recommended PV, along with another place, and she went with PV after I told her about the flavours.

And tadah, whilst I was doing my work at home one day, the doorbell rang and a box of cupcakes were passed to me! Turns out she ordered a box for me as well. It was packaged nicely, along with a note.

I opened it and found the flavours that I like, along with one cinnamon brown sugar! Couldn’t stop beaming, heh. Tried it immediately, and it was yummmm! They really are a lot nicer if consumed without being in the fridge at all.

My favourites are the cinnamon brown sugar, red velvet, carrot (has a strong cinnamon taste), and strawberry – which I didn’t expect to love at all!

Click here for their website.
They’re at 34A Lorong Mambong, Holland Village, on the second floor of a shophouse across the road from Harry’s.

Check their Twitter account before heading down though, because they tend to run out of flavours. You can call ahead to reserve flavours though.

I think Plain Vanilla just might be my favourite cupcake store in Singapore! I love that their cupcakes are moist, and that the icing is the kind I like, but mostly because their cupcakes are not soulless food (hardly anyone understands this bit!).

What’s your favourite place for cupcakes in Singapore?

Now excuse me while I continue to wreck my so-called diet with yet another cupcake…

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